CCO Club Night


CCO Club Night: featuring CCO Performers and Composers hosted by Randall West & Brian Baxter

In the Chicago Composers Orchestra’s second appearance at Constellation, CCO musicians will be featured outside the context of the orchestra. Experience the talent of CCO’s musicians in solo and small group settings performing music wide-ranging in style and influence from bombastic to subtle and serious to comedic. Curated and hosted by CCO co-Artistic Director’s Brian Baxter and Randall West, this new music variety show will have something for everyone!

Canon of Muses/The Open Sea                                    Douglas Johnson
Above Ground
Jonathan Cegys, John Floeter, Douglas Johnson, Eric Snoza, basses

Étude #68: Absofunkinlutely                            David Rakowski
Ian Le, piano

Cirrus (lullaby)                                    Scott Scharf
Maria Storm, violin

3×2                                                         Lita Grier
Lesley Swanson, flute; Shaun Flynn, clarinet

Perfect Storm                                    Shulamit Ran
Michael Hall, viola

Musique de Table                                 Thierry de Mey
Alex Monroe, John Corkill, Brett Baxter, percussion


Puck                                        Brandon Harrington
Stephen Todd, piccolo; Brandon Harrington, piano

For the Birds                                    Judith Shatin
Kyra Saltman, cello

The Box of Justice                                Brian Baxter
Scott Tegge, tuba

Dances                                        Nick Wood
Slide and the Family Bone                      Michael Davis
Paul Von Hoff, trombone; Scott Tegge, tuba

Inside the Shell                                    Pablo Santiago Chin
Dalia Chin, flute

Athena Rising                                    Stacy Garrop
Hannah Barton & Sam Sharp, violins; Timothy Hager, viola; Kyra Saltman, cello

Fabula Rasa                                    Gunnelpumpers
Douglas Johnson, Randy Farr, David Keller, and more

Sunday, April 27, 2014
7:00 PM – Exclusive Donor-Performer Happy Hour
8:00 PM – Doors
8:30 PM Show
Constellation – 3111 N Western Ave

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