Drawn Together

Livestream will broadcast from this page starting Monday, June 1, 7:30pm!

Drawn Together is a virtual space for sharing musical creativity. Through a project co-conceived with composer Danny Clay, we’ve collected animated scores for musicians to interpret.

Here’s How You Take Part

Tune in

Watch Broadcasts Mondays in June Live. Join us for livestreamed releases. Hear performances of animated scores by CCO musicians and see a live interpretation by different orchestral musicians each week. Listen, watch, and engage in a Q&A session with the musicians and composers.

June 1, 7:30 pm central: scores by Danny Clay and Selina Trepp
June 8, 7:30 pm central: scores by Kyong Mee Choi and Randall West
June 15, 7:30 pm central: scores by Joseph Colombo and Byron Au Yong
June 22, 7:30 pm central: scores by Kyle Gregory Price

Videos will be livestreamed from this page and YouTube.

Make music with us!

We’ll post the animations each week after the livestream release. Create YOUR OWN musical interpretation and tag it on social media or send us your audio. Submissions and CCO performances will be woven into a video collage by composer Danny Clay.

What is a graphic score?

A graphic score is a way to represent music using symbols outside of traditional notation. 

Graphic notation is based on the conviction that music is always there inside us, waiting for something to kindle it, to call it forth. With a graphic score a composer throws her cards on the table and invites the musicians to read them as they see them. The graphic score sparks a collaboration between composer, director, and musicians, where instinct takes precedence over experience; intuition over reason. The music that eventually comes forth may not be at all the hand that the composer thought she dealt. The result is a musical creation that none of the players fully envision at the start.

– from our Half Notes blog by Dan Lory

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