May 18, 2022

Excess | Twilight

7:00 PM Central Time
Hairpin Arts Center | 2810 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago

A genre-defying adventure into the orchestra as sound-art. How can orchestral sound become the material for artistic exploration? Find out how sound artists reinvent what the orchestral medium can mean.

Presented in a gallery setting, in collaboration with Experimental Sound Studio and Hairpin Arts Center. Featuring world premiere sound works by:

Media artist and composer Olivia Block, who creates research driven, site-specific installations and performances utilizing field recordings and found recordings. Block investigates memory, wind, recorded human voice, non-human animals, and time.

Sarah Hennies, whose work is concerned with musical, sociopolitical, and psychological issues including queer & trans identity, love, intimacy, psychoacoustics, and percussion.

Lou Mallozzi, an artist working in strategies of sound, installation, performance, public intervention, drawing, and improvised music. He explores the unstable relationships among perception, mediation, ideology, and power by intertwining materials, human relationships, research, and sites.

Eduardo Rosario, both an experimental musician and an artist working in sound and sculptural installations. His concerns include the afterlife of media; mapping conceptual sound ecologies; dissecting the visual representations of technological devices; how geological processes intersect with sound media; and the correlations between sound and temporary or mobile architecture.