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St James Cathedral @ 65 E Huron St, Chicago


In collaboration with Beyond This Point percussion ensemble, CCO presents a unique program that speaks to the human impact on the natural world.

Hear Viet Cuong’s Re(New)al, a work inspired by renewable energy, with the percussionists performing on “invented” instruments, including crystal glasses and compressed air cans.

Also hear the world premiere of a new commission by Canadian/Icelandic composer Fjóla Evans, world premieres by Brian Baxter and Chicago-based composer Luis Fernando Amaya, and a performance of James Falzone’s immsersive work in a world of one color . . . the sound of wind.

Ten x Ten 2020 

In the second of our Ten x Ten 2020 series, composers Luis Fernando Amaya and Brian Baxter will debut compositions created in collaboration with visual artists Rodrigo Lara Zendejas and Katherine Lampert respectively. The screenprints from each visual artist will be on view at the concert, encouraging viewers to draw connections between the varied, multimedia compositions being presented.

About Ten x Ten

10 visual artists have each been paired with a composer. Together, they are asked to write corresponding components of a single work, though each print and each composition may stand on their own as an independent work of art.

Collaboration is at the core of this process-driven project. Ten x Ten asks each participant to explore the common ground that informs their work with another’s. Music and visual art are typically presented and discussed in very different manners.
Language is often a starting point for the pairs: what adjectives might describe their work; how does a narrative inform their creation; how are compositional structures developed? From there, the pairs are required to develop a work plan and dialogue that allows their work to be influenced by each other.

By working with an artist in a different media, artists are challenged to consider new factors in the process of creation. By delving into a different artist’s approach to creating, an artist can deepen the understanding of his or her own process.