In The Sight is featured on: CCO + Chicago Latino Music Festival, October 22 @ 8:00 pm.


In the Sight (a dream of the 9th) is a footnote, an accessory, to Beethoven’s 9th symphony. The opening three notes of the Ode to Joy provide the pitch material of a texture that shifts, as the piece progresses, from pointillistic to homophonic, from kaleidoscopically dynamic to suspended and pensive. The image at work here is of Beethoven falling asleep while composing the 9th, and dreaming: fragments and shards of his Ode to Joy appear (one could say) half-digested in playful counterpoint, with legato melodies of lush highness juxtaposed with clunky clusters juxtaposed with feverishly virtuosic solos. In the Sight slows down as it goes, suggesting a curve of increased melancholy. It thus attempts to mimic the bittersweet emotional state of waking up from a dream so involved you need a few minutes to figure out that a dream was all that was.

– Tomás Gueglio Saccone

Tomás Gueglio Saccone:

Tomás I. Gueglio Saccone is an Argentine composer currently based in Chicago. His music has been described as ‘touchingly harmonic’ (Chicago Classical Review) and of ‘an exquisite weight’ (Best of Bandcamp). In his creative work, Tomás strives to find unique modes of expression by blending diverging stylistic lineages. His surreal and evocative works include chamber, orchestral, and electronic music, pieces for actors focused on speech, collaborative work with dancers, and the creation of a device that activates the strings of a piano.

Metaphors central to his recent works relate to the conceptual underpinnings of surrealism and magic realism: private languages, the slippery logic of dreams, and states of disorientation and intoxication. His music has been performed across the Americas and Europe by renowned ensembles and soloists like eighth blackbird, Pacifica and Spektral string quartets, Ensemble Dal Niente, Latitude 49, Marco Fusi and Ben Melsky.

Tomás holds a Phd in composition from the University of Chicago (‘16), a MMus from Syracuse University (‘10) and a BMus from the Universidad Católica Argentina (‘07). He has attended numerous festivals and workshops where he worked with composers such as Brian Ferneyhough, Melinda Wagner, Raphaël Cendo, and Mathias Spahlinger. Born in Buenos Aires, a major influence in his musical upbringing was Gerardo Gandini whose workshop he attended between 2003 and 2007.

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